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Runners Stay Strong

Virtual Race Series

Helping charitable organizations raise needed funds during the worldwide pandemic.
How can you raise money for your charity by hosting a virtual race? Watch the video to learn more!

Raise money by hosting a virtual race!

Since most fundraising events across the country have been canceled, we’ve created a Virtual Race package that is an alternative to a local 5K race.


So, what exactly is a virtual race?

A virtual race does not have a specific location or starting time. Instead, participants run in their own neighborhood or on a treadmill any time within a specified span of time, often within a week. 

1. They register online for the event.

2. They choose the distance, and pay the registration fee. 

3. When they complete their run, they upload their finish time. 

4. They are recognized for their accomplishment.

We'd love to help you get started!

Are you interested in learning more? Watch the following recorded video.

Our CEO will walk you through the virtual event process.

Can I really host a virtual race?



Even if you've never hosted a race event before, that's okay!  Our staff is ready to get your event up and running QUICKLY.  There is no cost to you and 100% of each registration donation will go to your charitable organization.   

The registrant also pays a small processing fee, which we use to cover credit card fees and other costs.



Connect People

During this time of isolation, a virtual race is a great way to help organizations connect with their supporters and create a sense of community and shared purpose. Reach your people and inspire them to donate and spread your message.

Athletes can encourage friends to participate with them virtually!


Inspire Fitness

Everyone is being told right now to practice social distancing, but exercise is still considered an essential activity.


Give your followers and donors a reason to get out and run or walk with a virtual race.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Raise Money

When a participant registers for your virtual race, you get to keep 100% of the registration donation!  


We suggest a minimum of a $10 registration donation (which you have the option to change). We also recommend that you offer our optional swag package so that your participants can commemorate the event.

We offer a complete virtual race package!

 We have found that races offering great swag usually get more registrations. So we created a swag package that you can offer to your participants. There is no charge to you. 


The registrant just pays an additional $15 and that includes shipping within the U.S. We completely manage the order fulfillment, keeping things simple and easy for you.

Swag Package

For just $15, runners will receive:

t-shirt, bib, & wristband!


2020 race bib

RSS_bib_for_site copy.png

Silicone wristband with logo





Here's how to get started!

If you're ready to participate, you can fill out our questionnaire below.


If you still have questions, watch the following recorded video.

Our CEO will walk you through the virtual event process.

Woman with Computer

1. Fill out our questionnaire.

Give us the details of your organization, and tell us which distances you'd like to offer for your virtual event.

talking on phones

2. Our representative will contact you.

We’ll answer your questions and set up your event on When it is ready, we will send you an email with instructions on how to activate your event.

Credit Card

3. You activate your event.

Follow the email instructions to administer your event. You will have the choice of how you receive your proceeds: either by direct deposit (recommended) or by check.

Woman Studying

4. Promote your event.

Send out an email to your donor list and share the event on all your social media accounts. Encourage everyone to get out there and run or walk to support your organization!

Upward Curve

5. Watch your participation grow.

Runners and walkers will be given directions for using a GPS-tracking mobile app or their own GPS-enabled watch to track their race. Once they've completed the distance, they can upload their own results live to your event page.

About Us

Runners Stay Strong:

A product of ITS YOUR RACE

We've created our "Runners Stay Strong" virtual race package to help organizations continue to raise money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What if I've never put on an event before?

Virtual Runs are one of the simplest ways to raise money for your organization. Now with Runners Stay Strong you can host your own event, even if you've never done it before.


We'll assist you through each step along the way. With our Virtual Race Series, we can help you raise the funds you need to continue on your mission.

How do I promote my event?

Announce your virtual race on your website and market it through an email to your past donors.


Best of all, anyone in North America can participate in your virtual race, allowing you to reach a larger donor base.

How do I collect donations?

If you charge $15 for your event...we pay you the entire $15!


We simply charge the participant our normal processing fee, which is 6% plus $1.50, minimum of $3.25 for each registration.

How do I get started?

Call us today and we'll work closely with you to launch your event.


You'll be set up in no time and you can begin generating funds to support your organization.

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