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A Free Virtual Race App that Gives Back!

Feel great about your physical health, contribute to amazing causes, and snag some pretty awesome swag. We’re working with charities and non-profits to host virtual races so they can raise much-needed funds, while giving athletes the opportunity to run on their own time and location. That’s why we created a free Virtual Race app to tie the two together; run on your own watch AND give back to your community.

Here’s how:

  • Go to

  • Choose and register for an event you would like to support. (100% of your registration donation will go to events designated to the Runners Stay Strong program).

  • Download our FREE Virtual Race app on the Apple or Google Play Store.

  • Use the app to run, walk, or jog anywhere within the given event time frame.

  • Upload your results, take photos, and claim your finisher’s certificate.

Getting started with the app

  • After downloading the app, login with the same email address that you used to register for your event on ITS YOUR RACE (IYR).

  • Once you are logged in, find your race by using the search feature. Once you find the event page within the app, click on the TRACKER tab.

  • When you are ready to run or walk your race, slide the “START RACE” prompt at the bottom of the screen and you’re off! The app will do a short countdown and begin to track your distance and time. You can stow your phone and run hands-free.

  • Once you’ve reached the exact distance you signed up for, the app will vibrate to let you know that you have finished the race.

  • It will prompt you to hit okay to upload your time to and you’re finished! It’s that easy!

Uploaded results and run overview

After your time has been uploaded to IYR and you’ve finished the virtual race, a screen will provide you with an overview of your race, including your average pace per mile, finish time, and a GPS map outlining your running route (see below).

Perks of using the app

No manual entries required! The app uses your smartphone’s GPS tracking to record your run and automatically sends the results to

Say cheese! After you’ve completed the virtual race, upload a selfie with your time and event name on the photo. It’s a fun way to remember the race, and also share the experience with your friends and family.

Download and print out a keepsake to commemorate the virtual race. You can download your official personalized finisher’s certificate under your results on IYR (see below).

Example Finisher's Certificate Template

Get out and run!

With summer on its way, it’s the ideal time to step right out your front door and run or walk a virtual race.

Visit for a list of virtual events that are hosted by non-profits and choose the one that speaks to you. These organizations will receive 100% of your registration donation. For a full listing of virtual events go to

When you sign up for an event with IYR, not only are you choosing to be good to yourself, but your surrounding community as well. Everybody wins!

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